In an attempt to take advantage of the extra free time all of us have these days, I have decided to put together a 1-month crash course that will, God-willing, allow you all to begin your journey within the ocean of Classical Arabic, help you understand the verses of the Quran & the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, and deepen your connection of the various sciences of Islam.

Over the course of a month, we will cover Arabic phonetics, morphology, syntax, and literature uniquely and interactively. Towards the end of the crash course, we’ll cover the Tafsir of Surahs across the Quran and analyze Hadiths from a grammatical and linguistic perspective.

The entire course is for a one-time payment of 39.99$ (Installments are available)

Registration closes on Saturday, March 28th. Classes will commence on Monday,  March 30th -> till Friday, April 27th. Class timings will be voted on within the dedicated Discord server on Sunday, March 29th. Those who can’t afford the price of this course will not be turned away.

The crash-course is suitable for beginners, intermediate level students and even for advanced students of the Arabic language (towards the end of the course, especially for those advanced students who would like to refresh their knowledge regarding the rather difficult concepts of the Arabic language)

Recommended Preparation:

An ability to read the Quran at an average fluency

What Is the End Goal of the Course?

The end goal is to introduce the students into the sciences of CA such that if a person wanted to continue their studies in the field they'd know where to go to and what to read. By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to read basic Arabic texts without any diacritics and to perform clear sentence parsing of regularly used phrases.

Course Materials:

*All course books can be found in PDF form online or purchased through Amazon*

Classes will take place through Zoom, five days a week, Monday -> Friday, each session lasting 45 minutes. Students should expect 30 minutes of homework each day. Weekly quizzes will be assigned, and a final examination will take place at the end of the crash-course

Mondays will be dedicated to Arabic phonetics, Tuesdays & Thursdays towards Arabic Morphology, and Wednesdays & Fridays to Arabic Syntax.

There will be a dedicated Discord server, WhatsApp group, and Telegram channel for the convenience and benefit of all registered students. All classes will be recorded for those who can not make it for the live class.

First place on the final examination will win 150$, second place 50$ and 3rd place 25$

Step 2 (Pay for course) ->

Safwah al-Tafasir (Tafsir Practice)


Kifayat al-Talibin fi Sharh Zad al-Talibin (Hadith Practice)


Creator & Admin: Muhammad Umar Mustafa