March 14, 2018

Al-Zuhrī & the Ḥadīth on ‘Īsā (‘alayhissalām)’s Return

 The Blessed City of Madina in Which Ibn Shihab Az-Zuhri Taught Imam Malik ibn Anas

Abu Layth has recently espoused typical anti-ḥadīth arguments to attack the mutawātir ḥadīths on the return of ‘Īsā (‘alayhissalām). For more on the subject of the second coming of ‘Īsā (‘alayhissalām) and its being a fundamental Islāmic belief, see:

Among those who played an actual role in the formation of the personality of Imam Malik ibn Anas consisted of esteemed teachers who are known by all who study the life of this unique Imam. In particular, they include the "two Nafi's", each of whom had a laudable effect on their student which he never forgot.

The first was the outstanding faqih and reliable transmitter of hadith, Nafi' ibn Sarjis Abu 'Abdullah ad-Daylami, who di...

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