Recommended Times/Places to Perform Wudu'

When is it recommended to do Wudu'?

Wudu' is recommended in ten cases.

1. When visiting a righteous man like a scholar, shaykh, or ascetic, living or dead. This is especially true when visiting a Prophet.

2. When visiting a ruler or coming into the presence of a sultan. For wudu' is the weapon of the believer and the shield that protects you from the sultan.

3. When reciting Qur'an.

4. When reading hadith.

5. When studying knowledge of the Shari'a.

6. When doing dhikr

7. When going to sleep.

8. When entering the marketplace, because it is a place of diversion and the matters of this world and a place of false oaths.

9. It is recommended to remain in wudu' at all times as wudu' is a form of light.

10. Renewing wudu after performing a prayer, whether obligatory or voluntary, or performing tawaf of the Ka'ba if you want to perform another prayer or another tawaf. As for touching a copy of the Qur'an, after performing the prayer, it is not recommended to renew wudu'.