Working for An International NGO, Permissible?

I received an offer to work as a software documentalist and editor at a nongovernmental organization (NGO) whose purpose is to promote democracy and international cooperation, and eliminate repression and poverty worldwide. Is it permissible for me to work for such an NGO bearing in mind that I will not promote its ideologies?

All praise is to Allah, and peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah.

It is alright to work for international programs that fight repression, poverty, extremism and racism, and promote democracy, dialogue, cooperation, justice and other ideals honored by Islam and all Heavenly Messages, and accepted by sound reason. Such values are where we all should find a common ground.

At the same time, beware of such negative ideologies penetrating the Third World as outright feminism, freedom of defamation or opprobrium, government-citizen conflict of interests, and social conflict theories that respect no moral or religious limitations.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having this job so long as you observe the religious guidelines and discern the difference between right and wrong. And Allah knows the best.