Reciting the Takbira in Unison is the Sunnah

Reciting the Takbira in Unison is the Sunnah

Imam al-Bukhari said in his Sahih in Kitab al-‘Idayn, Chapter 11,

“Ibn ‘Umar and Abu Hurayra used to go out to the market place during the first 10 days [of Dhu al-Hijja], and they would recite the takbira, and the people recited the takbira with them...”

Then he reports the following in Chapter 12,

“’Umar [ibn Al-Khattab] used recite the takbira in his tent in Mina. So the people in the masjid would hear him. Then, they’d recite the takbira, and then the people in the market places would recite the takbira until Mina was shaking with takbir.

And Ibn ‘Umar would recite the takbira in Mina on those days [of Hajj], after the prescribed prayers, [while] on his mat in his camping place, where he sat, and where he walked during all of those days. And Maymuna [bint Harith] (the Prophet’s wife) used to recite the takbira on the Day of the Sacrifice. And the women used to recite the takbira behind Aban ibn ‘Uthman [ibn ‘Affan] and ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz during the days of immolation (tashriq)

with the men inside the masjid.”

Then he reports in hadith #971 on the authority of Umm ‘Atiyya who says,

“We were ordered to come out on the day of the ‘Id and even bring out the unmarried woman (bikr) from her protected secrecy (khidr), and yet even [to bring out] those who were menstruating. Then they’d be behind the men (nas), and then they (the women) would recite

the takbir along with their takbir and supplicate with their supplication, hoping for the

blessing of that day and its purity.”

Abu Dawud also reports that Mujahid (the student of Ibn ‘Abbas) said,

“Abu Hurayra and Ibn ‘Umar used to come to the market place during the [first] ten days, and they would recite the takbira and the people would recite the takbira along with them. And they came out for no other reason than for that.”

As for the words of the takbira as reported from some of the Salaf, Imam Ja’far Al-Faryabi reports in his book, Kitab Al-‘Idayn,

“Ishaq ibn Rahuwayh stated to us – Jarir informed us - on the authority of Yazid ibn Abu Ziyad that he said,

“I witnessed Sa’id ibn Jubayr, Mujahid, and ‘Abd Al-Rahman ibn Abu Layla – or two of the three of them – as well as what I witnessed from the learned people saying during the ten days [of Dhu al-Hijja] is:

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allahu, wAllahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahil-hamd.”