Do I Have to Make Prayers that I Prayed While Carrying a Pig-Skin Wallet


I had a wallet for several years. Only recently did I realize that it was from pig skin. I know for sure that I prayed with it on me. But I don’t know how much, though I think it is around 15% of the time… what do I do?


Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

It is obligatory for you to makeup the prayers you are certain to have performed with that wallet on you. It is recommended to make up the prayers that you are in doubt as to whether you had that wallet on you or not.

– Amjad Rasheed.

[Translated by Faraz Rabbani]

السؤال : كانت عندي محفظة لمدة سنتين ، وقبل قليل عرفت أنها من جلد الخنـزير . أعرف أني صلَّيت حاملا لها في جيبي لكن لا أدري كم… أظن في 15% من الصلوات… ماذا عليّ ؟ الجواب : الواجب عليك قضاء ما تتيقن أنك صليته وأنت حامل لتلك المحفظة ، ويندب لك قضاء الصلوات التي تشك أنك صليتها كذلك .