April 30, 2018

All Praise belongs to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may peace and blessings be upon his last and final messenger, Muhammad.

Imam al-Allamah al-Hattab al-Maliki says in his commentary on. "The Mukhtasar of Khalil." (3/318), "from amongst the days which it is recommended to fast are other days which the author (Imam Khalil ibn Ishaq) did not mention, amongst them the 3rd of Muharram, the 20th of Rajab, the 15th of Sha'ban and...

October 18, 2017

Concerning the Imamate there are two issues:

First issue: on affirmation of the Imamate of the Four Khulafa, may Allah be pleased with them. The proof of the Imamate of all of them has three aspects:

First, each of them united the conditions of the Imamate completely;

Second, the Muslims who lived in the time of each one of them were unanimous in pledging allegiance to him and in coming under obedience to him, and consensus is a...

The Shaykh’s Insights on the Muslims’ Condition and Responsibilities in America

[Bismillah irahman iraheem. The shaykh began his talk by praising Allah subhaana wa ta’aala and sending prayers on the Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.] I wanted to speak tonight about your conditions, your circumstances here. You are a group that is small in number and yet strong in faith, a group that has diverse ideas and unders...

We want to migrate to a Muslim country. How can we get out of a non-Muslim country to a Muslim one while the Muslim country does not accept us? The worst thing is that they prefer non-Muslims to work for them, though we have better qualifications. We want to stop paying taxes to them, because they use this money to strike the Muslims and also store it up for themselves. We want somebody to help us to migrate to a Muslim countr...

What children are born upon in this world and their final destination, whether the Garden or the Fire, in the Hereafter

From the Fatawa of Ibn Rushd the Grandfather, Vol. 1, p. 649 ff. Dar al-Gharb al-Islami, Beirut, 1987 

The jurist, Imam and hafiz Abu’l-Walid Muhammad b. Ahmad b. Rushd – may Allah be pleased with him – said:

“A petitioner asked me to summarize the disagreement between savants around the issue of what...

Ashhab ibn ‘Abd al-Aziz (140AH – 204AH) was a famous Egyptian jurist and companion of Imam Malik. Some have claimed that he was of the view that combining between two prayers without a valid Shar‘i excuse is permissible. This view contradicts the Mashhur position in the Maliki school. However, has that opinion been established from Ashhab?  Below we will analyse the view of Ashhab:

Ibn Abi Zayd al-...

I was asked concerning the rule of exchanging gifts during Christmas or participating in related activities. Below follows  a detailed discussion I translated by the erudite Mālikī scholar Ibn Al-Hājj Al-Fāsi [737 A.H] who addressed this matter centuries before us in Cairo, Egypt, where there was a presence of some Jewish and Christian communities. It shows that this matter was an issue of concern long before modern times. Ibn...

April 26, 2017

The Validity of Making One Taslim in The Maliki School

In the Name of Allah, the Most-Gracious, the Most-Merciful. Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family (Ahlul-Bayt) and companions (Sahabah). All praise is due to Allah.

To begin, in regard to the obligatory prayer, some have an issue with the school of Imam Malik ibn Anas for making only one Taslim when ending the prayer.

This has become a poin...

December 19, 2016

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على س يدنا محمد و على اله و صحبه و سلم

Imam Malik’s opinion was that the prayer ends with one salam, by saying “as-salamu `alaykum.” This much has been mentioned by Imam Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (d. 998م, 389ه) in his Risalah. Such has also been attributed to Imam Malik through many narrations; Imam Hattab (d. 1547م, 954ه), the great Shaykh of the Malikis in Makkah, may Allah i...

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