October 22, 2017

From what we have seen it is clear that in order for the fiqh of zakat to be properly applied again and the pillar of zakat restored to its pivotal position at the centre of Muslim society, two main factors must be radically addressed – the necessary link between zakat and Muslim governance and the reintroduction of gold and silver coinage as a medium of exchange among the Muslims to enable the zakat of monetary wealth to be c...

October 22, 2017

Linguistically zakat means growth, increase and purification. In the shari'a the term refers to the amount of money or kind taken from specific types of wealth when they reach a specific amount at a specific time which must be spent on specific categories in specific ways. It is called zakat because the wealth of the the one who pays it is purified by it and because the payer gains increase with Allah Almighty by it, in that h...

October 22, 2017

These ayats and hadiths referring to zakat are accepted by every Muslim. No Muslim denies the central role of zakat in Islam as an indispensable pillar of equal importance to the prayer, denial of which is tantamount to unbelief. Indeed, Allah couples prayer and zakat together in the Qur'an nearly thirty times and the mufassirun say that this indicates that the two actions are interdependent, meaning by that that your prayer i...


As Salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, Ustad, I hope you and your family are well IA.

If you could please provide me an input on this situation: a relative back home had a heart condition which required immediate surgery and he borrowed money to travel to another city/country to complete his operations. He (sick relative) asked for help to pay off his loan/debt. One of the possible donors here in States asked...


Can Zakat money be used to fund a person’s trip to Hajj if the person cannot afford it?

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Answer :

As for using Zakat money for the purpose of paying for one to go to Hajj, this is somewhat of a problematic issue since only people who can afford to go must do so. As for Zakat, it generally is to be given to those in need. Similarly, a “tri...

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