What are the rulings regarding the ‘Aqiqa’. Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali provides some description in accordance with the school of Imam Malik (ra)

Question: What is the fiqh of the newborn and young children in the Maliki School, especially with reference to the following issues:

1. naming

2. Aqiqa

3. circumcision (and female?)

4. shaving the head

Answer: The ‘aqiqa’ is the name given to the animal sacrifice done for a new born ch...

As for circumcision (khitan) for the male (i.e. removing excess skin from the male prepuce – i.e. head of the penis), it is considered to be a stressed sunnah in our madhhab. But Imam Shafi’i considered it to be compulsory. As for female circumcision (khifad), it is also considered to be recommended (mandub), but it
is not stressed.

The female circumcision discussed here is not what has been termed as ‘mutilation’ that happens...


Does a man who begat children out of wedlock before becoming a Muslim have any connection with those children under Islam? In particular, does not the well-established hadith, “The child belongs to the marriage bed, and the adulterer gets the stone (or: gets nothing),” prove that such a man has no responsibility to his children born out of wedlock before he became a Muslim?


To say that a man who has children o...


 As-Salam-alaikum, My sister is divorced and has a 7 year old daughter. She got remarried and is now living here in the USA, while her prior husband is still in Egypt.The father wants to see his daughter but she does not trust sending the daughter even for a vacation lest he forcibly keep her. What is the ruling on custody? Does she lose custody according to Maliki Fiqh? If that is the case, does it go to the father,...

There is a wide spread rumor that the Maliki school allows a person to have relations with ones wife from behind. [1] This is a complete lie and accusation against the madhab. 

All of the early Muslims (Salaf) and later Muslims (Khalaf) declared this action haram.

Imam Ahmad narrates in his Musnad, "Allah will not look at a person who has relations with his wife while she is menustrating , nor a man who approaches his wife fro...

[Translated by:  Ahmad Ali Al-Adani]

The praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. 

May Allah bless and send prayers of mercy on our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions.


Among the issues of universal concern to people, though reticence blocks them from inquiring about them, is the issue of a man fantasizing about a stranger woman while cohabiting with his spouse.

That is due to the fact that inter...

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