What is ghusl?

Ghusl is completely covering the surface of the body with water.

What are the obligatory elements of ghusl?

Ghusl has five obligatory elements:

1. Intention

2. Consecutiveness

3. Rubbing

4. Making water penetrate to the roots of the hair

5. Covering the entire body with water

What should...

What are the things that are prevented by minor ritual impurity?

There are five things prevented by minor ritual impurity:

1) To perform the prayer (wudu' is obligatory for all prayers, whether obligatory or sunna).

2) To make tawaf of (circumambulate) the Ka'ba.

3) To touch a Qur'an, or even only...

The Nawaqid of Wudu' (The Things which break wudu')

What is a Naqid?

It is what breaks wudu' in itself (such as urine) or that which leads to the breaking of wudu' (like deep sleep).

What are the different categories of things which break wudu'?

There are seventeen things which break wudu'. They are div...

What are the different categories into which the preconditions of wudu are divided?

The preconditions of wudu' are divided into three categories:

1. Preconditions of soundness. Wudu' is not valid until these preconditions are met.

2. The preconditions of obligation. Wudu is not obligatory until these p...

When is it recommended to do Wudu'?

Wudu' is recommended in ten cases.

1. When visiting a righteous man like a scholar, shaykh, or ascetic, living or dead. This is especially true when visiting a Prophet.

2. When visiting a ruler or coming into the presence of a sultan. For wudu' is the weapon of the b...

here are nine disliked elements of wudu':

1. Performing wudu' in an unclean place.

2. Using an excessive amount of water when washing the limbs.

3. Superfluous speech when making wudu'. This includes all speech other than mentioning Allah Almighty and calling on Him. It is related that the Prophet, may...

There are 12 recommended elements of wudu'

1. Performing wudu' in a clean place, which is always regarded as being pure. It is therefore disliked to do it in a lavatory, even before it is used.

2. Facing the qibla.

3. Saying "Bismillah." when washing the hands (at the commencement of wudu). There is di...

How many sunnas of wudu' are there? What are they?

There are eight sunnas of wudu':

1) washing the hands to the wrists

2) rinsing the mouth

3) inhaling water up the nose

4) blowing the water out of the nose

5) the second wiping of the head (from the back to the front)

6) wiping the ears

7) renewing the wate...

Its obligatory Elements

How many obligatory elements of wudu' are there and what are they?

There are seven obligatory elements. They are:

1) intention

2) consecutiveness

3) rubbing

4) washing the face

5) washing the arms to the elbows

6) wiping the head

7) washing the feet

When is the intention made? What sho...

How many pure substances are there and what are they?

There are 30 pure substances which will be mentioned in the course of this chapter.

What is the ruling on components of the earth and the ruling on living creatures, their sweat, tears, mucous, spit, and eggs and what emerges after death?

Things are...

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