What Should I Do If My Menstruation Ends Right Before Maghrib Time?

Question: Assalam aleykum

A women became pure from her monthly cycle. She made up her Dhuhr prayer first (qada). While she was still making up her Dhuhr, Maghrib time came in. What is the ruling on that?

Answer: [Assalam alaykum]

There will be no sin on her. She should make up Asr after she prays Maghrib.

This is an important issue. If a woman becomes pure at Asr time, even if it’s towards the end of Asr time, it becomes necessary (wajib) for her to make up Zuhr as well as pray Asr. Likewise, if she becomes pure at the end of Isha time, making up Maghrib also becomes wajib. This is because Zuhr and Asr are considered connected, and Maghrib and Isha are also considered connected as they both can be combined with each other at times.

Because of this, if a woman reaches purity towards the end of Asr time, she should pray Asr as well as make up Dhuhr. If she reaches purity towards the end of Isha time she should perform Isha as well as make up Maghrib. This sister in question was making up Zuhr when Maghrib time came in. Therefore she should make up Asr after she prays Maghrib.

However what is better in any similar scenario when time is tight is that she should first pray the prayer of the current prayer time. In this case she should have prayed Asr first and then she should have made up Dhuhr after Maghrib.

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